Stewardship Ministries


The Foundations of Life Stewardship (101)

by Jay Link

6 Lessons.

This adult life stewardship study currently contains seven, six-lesson modules and one final two-lesson module that are graded from the most foundational and basic to the most challenging and “radical.” You simply need to watch the video presentation or read the manuscript and then take your time to answer the very thought-provoking questions that follow each lesson to help you think through the message of the lesson and to help you make some decisions on what needs to change in how you live to become a more faithful steward in this area of your life.

The 100 series modules lay the foundation for understanding the concept of stewardship and begin applying these life stewardship concepts to various areas of a believer’s everyday life.

The 200 series modules expand the application of the life stewardship principles to additional areas of life and address many of the barriers that prevent believers from being good stewards and open-handed givers of all they have been entrusted with.

The 300 series modules address the most far reaching and the most challenging levels of both giving and living the life of a good and faithful steward and the rewards that await those who are “all in.”

These modules are designed to be studied in sequential order and each new module builds upon the teaching and application of the previous modules.

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