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Stewardship Ministries


Life Stewardship Study for Pastors and Church Leaders

by Jay Link

6 Lesson
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A church will never be able to develop a church-wide life stewardship culture if the leadership of the church does not understand, personally practice and effectively teach and preach these principles themselves. Good life stewardship practices do not trickle up, rather they must trickle down. It must begin at the top.

This five session video study addresses a number of critical areas of church life that may in fact be hindering your church from developing a healthy life stewardship culture. Once these stewardship “barriers” are identified, addressed and resolved, your church can then be positioned to make dramatic changes in how it lives, how it gives, how it serves and how it impacts your community and the world for Christ.

This study is not for pastors and leaders who are content with where they and their church are. It is also not for leaders who are faint of heart. This study will unsettle, challenge and compel every pastor and church leader to consider their current beliefs and practices and often will challenge even some of their most “sacred cows.” Taken seriously and applied comprehensively, this study can be both personally and corporately life changing and transformational for church leaders and their churches.

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